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David Begiashvili

David Begiashvili was born May 31, 1991 in Sighnaghi (Georgia). In 2006 he moved to Akhmeta and finished the secondary school of Akhmeta. Now he is studying in the State University of Telavi. The same time he was attracted with sport: trained judo, boxing.

In 2009 he began training and sat his first world record for the most sit-ups in one hour.

Now he holds four world records:

Most sit-ups in one minute (accepted by “RecordSetter World Records” (“URDB”));

 Most sit-ups in 30 minutes (accepted by “The Book of Alternative Records”);

Most sit-ups in one hour (accepted by the Fixing Guinness World Records Sports club “Record”);

Most sit-ups in three hours (accepted by the Fixing Guinness World Records Sports club “Record”).

David Begiashvili is also the member of the international world record breaker's club "Saxonia" and the  challenger of the “Guinness World Records”.

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